Open House Kicks Off New School Year

September 08, 2016

KCDC parents had two opportunities to visit KCDC, a Parent Orientation in the evening on Aug. 11 to allow them to meet their children’s teachers and receive parent packets, while enjoying conversation and appetizers. On the morning of Aug. 12, children had the chance to meet their teachers, see their classrooms and check out their cubbies.

Ashley Kiser, KCDC director of early childhood services, briefed parents on the school schedule and announced important dates to remember and exciting new additions in KCDC to the parents, such as the new Infant and Walkers classroom. Parents filled out forms and signed up for parent involvement groups.

Because KCDC fundamentally believes in family involvement as a critical element in the success of early childhood care, the school offers ongoing opportunities for parents to meet with the director and their children’s teachers.

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