KCDC Welcomes Babies

September 08, 2016

KCDC starts a new school year with a brand new space for infants and one-year-olds. The room is designed to feel as much like home as possible, including each child’s name on a crib with imaginative mobiles made by staff hanging above, colorful artwork on the walls and fun learning toys.

Caregiver-child interactions are thoughtfully guided by best practice and research in the field of early childhood learning and development. For these very important first months of a child’s life, the caregivers’ objectives are to build trust and rapport with each child, developing soothing strategies specific to each child and help them reach developmental milestones.

Teachers are using Ages & Stages Questionnaires completed by parents, Brigance Inventory of Early Development III (standardized) and Creative Curriculum Teaching Strategies Gold to communicate with parents about their child’s progress and to develop activities that nurture and support each child’s development.

Teachers receive ongoing professional development through CLASS Infant, an assessment scoring tool that focuses on improving the quality of caregiver-child interaction to best support positive and healthy child development.

KCDCC is located at 6867 Southpoint Drive N in the heart of the Southpoint Office Park and at the intersection of J. Turner Butler Boulevard and I-95 on the Southside, making it very convenient for parents to drop off their children. Contact Rebecca Bowersox, director of admissions, rbowersox@keystonebehavioral.com, 904.619.6071, ext. 117, to tour KCDC and the Infant & Walkers Classroom, as you consider enrolling your child.

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