Infants Experience First Fire Drill

September 30, 2016

The KCDC infants seemed to enjoy the drill and are now well prepared for many years of school fire drills!

When you are less than a year old, life is full of many firsts, and each first has a major impact on your development toward the next step in your life. The teachers in Keystone Child Development Center’s Infant and Walkers class are dedicated to making sure that each first is a positive one for the babies in their class.

KCDC’s second fire drill for the 2016-17 school year was held Sept. 26; however, it was the first one for the infants in KCDC, because their class opened after the first one.  The teachers were well prepared, making sure that the infants were evacuated from their room and the center safely and swiftly. The cribs in their classroom sit on what are called evacuation frames – solid steel caster brackets attached to a solid steel frame that fits under the bed and is designed to roll easily and smoothly over any terrain.

The Infant & Walkers classroom has three exits, and each doorway has a designated alternative doorway in case fire is blocking one route. The doors in KCDC are fire-resistance rated doors that help prevent the spread of fire.

Teachers roll the cribs with the babies in them out of their room and the center, taking them down an outside ramp and away from the building to the center’s playground where they join all of the other children to wait for the all-clear sound.

KCDC follows the Duval County Public School System policies for disaster drills which require monthly fire drills. The center varies the time of day and practices alternative routes for each fire drill. At least one of the teachers has received CPR and first aid training and completed training by the Florida Department of Children & Families regarding toddler appropriate practices for potential disasters.

The safety of each student attending KCDC is extremely important to the staff, who knows that practice makes perfect!

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