Health & Wellness Services

  • Medical Services

    Tammy Tran, M.D., Keystone’s medical director, works as part of the KCDC team assisting families and primary care physicians by developing a plan for each child. The Keystone team collaborates in diagnosing, monitoring and treating any issues or concerns that you may have about how to best prepare your child for elementary school, including consulting with Dr. Tran to determine whether medication may be helpful for your child. If appropriate, Dr. Tran is available to prescribe medication and closely monitor the effects.

    Donny Klay, RN, is another valued part of the KCDC team. He is experienced in psychiatric nursing for all age levels, medication management and high acute cardiac telemetry/progressive care. He delivers excellent daily care and also has experience in responding to emergencies.


    Child Development Screenings

    KCDC is equipped to handle all aspects that contribute to a happy, self-confident child – mind, body and soul. In addition to providing the highest quality preschool education to prepare children for elementary school, KCDC’s team of professionals focuses on each child’s physical, behavioral and mental health. The team – which includes a medical director and school nurse – works collaboratively to offer children attending the center a wealth of services, including:

    • On-site medical care
    • Nutrition education
    • Psychological assessment
    • Occupational therapy
    • Speech therapy
    • Therapy for feeding challenges


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  • We hope you’ll view KCDC as more than just a preschool. We strive to be a comprehensive parental resource. For instance, did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all infants and young children be screened for delays as a regular part of their ongoing health care? Developmental, learning, behavioral and social-emotional issues are estimated to affect one in every six children. Because these issues are often very subtle in young children, only 20-30 percent are identified as needing help before kindergarten.

    asqThat’s why KCDC offers all parents free access to our Ages & Stages Questionnaire, an online pre-screening tool that helps identify any areas where your child may need additional support. To take advantage of this resource, simply click on the ASQ Developmental Pre-Screening Survey link. After you submit your information, which is privacy-protected, a Keystone scheduler will contact you to make an appointment for your child to receive a free, one-hour, in-house screening with highly educated therapists trained in speech, developmental, behavioral and occupational milestones and therapies. At the end of the visit, you will receive information on how your child is doing developmentally, with suggestions to target any areas of need that have been identified.

    KCDC also offers free on-site first birthday screenings (by appointment on Tuesdays). These screenings last about an hour and look for physical, developmental and behavioral delays beyond what a pediatrician is monitoring at a child’s one-year well check. If you are interested, get started by click on the ASQ Developmental Pre-Screening Survey link.


    Family & Child Social Groups

    KCDC offers group meetings and activities as interests and needs are identified. Parents are welcome to suggest interest groups that either their child or they would enjoy or find helpful. KCDC teachers and development counselors also may suggest groups that they believe would be helpful for their students and parents. A group generally includes a development counselor working with several individuals on a particular area of interest or on an issue that is challenging the members of the group. The group process facilitates participants’ ability to identify with others who are similar to themselves, learn from others, model and imitate appropriate behaviors and practice skills (e.g., social skills) in a natural environment.